Valentines Day

Caramel and Mandarin Hot Chocolate

I have to admit I'm not a huge fan of hot chocolate, but sometimes (rarely) it's just something I gotta make. The weather, of course, always have something to d... Read More

Black Forest Brownies

These gluten free mini black forest brownies make such a great and easy dessert all of you chocolate and cherry lovers will LOVE! It's made of mini chocolate br... Read More

Nutella Parfait

I love Nutella, and I use it quite a lot in my recipes. This is a great Nutella parfait which combines Nutella chocolate spread, cream cheese and chocolate stre... Read More

Perfect Chocolate Mousse

I don't know anyone who will say NO to chocolate mousse. This is the most delicious dessert, all-time favorite and absolutely great. This is the perfect chocola... Read More

Malabi with Rose Syrup and Nuts

Malabi is one of my favorite middle-eastern desserts. It's so easy to make, refreshing and such a great dessert to make when in a hurry. This is a traditional ... Read More