Hannukkah Desserts

All the most delicious Hanukkah treats – starting traditional Sufganiyot, homemade donuts and more!

Chocolate Bliss Balls Doughnuts

I just love chocolate bliss balls! Honestly, I don’t think I know even one person who would resist a chocolate bliss ball, especially if it’s homemade. This is ... Read More

Boston Cream Donuts

Hanukkah is already here in all its glory. I know I have already published quite a few new recipes this year for doughnuts and other sweets for the holiday. How... Read More

Apple Fritters

The truth is, I've only heard of Apple Fritters over the past year and a half. Since I regularly watch YouTube and follow a few channels from the US, I've disco... Read More


Although I have traveled in Italy at least 4 times in my life - I have not tasted Bomboloni! I just can't remember seeing these Italian donuts with the cutest n... Read More