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Classic Cheesecake

I love all kinds of cheesecakes, but my top favorite one is classical baked cheesecake. I think it's simplicity makes it absolutely perfect, and this is definit... Read More

Nostalgic Savarine Cake

When I was a little girl, my favorite birthday cake my mom used to make me was this Savarine cake. It's some kind of an outtake on French classical cake Baba au... Read More

Streusel Cake with Jam

I almost always have leftover jam in the pantry. It's the end of 2-3 jars of whichever jam I just made or bought, and as soon as I found I have enough – I make ... Read More

Coconut Jam Bars

Whenever I have jam in the pantry - I make thees delicious jam bars. It's so easy to make, and takes really short time in the oven. Coconut short crust pastry t... Read More