Hannukkah Desserts

All the most delicious Hanukkah treats – starting traditional Sufganiyot, homemade donuts and more!

Ferrero Rocher Doughnuts

Photo: Natalie Levin If there is a candy that throws me straight into my childhood it is certainly Ferrero Rocher. I remember these luxury chocolate balls as ... Read More

Classic Jelly Doughnuts

Hanukkah is a holiday I am a little ambivalent about. On the one hand it does not require too many family feasts. But on the other hand - lighting candles and t... Read More

Chocolate and Sprinkles Donuts

Although I'm not a huge fan of deep-frying at home, it's simply hard to resist donuts that just came out of the pan. This is my favorite recipe to donuts, whic... Read More