Christmas Desserts

All the most delicious Christmas desserts – gingerbread cookies, chocolate snowballs and more!

Blueberry Pie

Photo: Natalie Levin Two months ago Nimrod (my spouse) was on a three-week working trip to the US. Although the excuse for the trip was work, he also traveled... Read More

Strawberry and Cream Parfaits

Every year in November I begin looking for strawberries in the market. Strawberries are one of my top favorite fruit, and even though in the beginning of the se... Read More

Strawberry and Cream Cake Roll

One of the most intense memories I have from my beloved grandmother is the cake roll with whipped cream and strawberry jam she used to make every Friday evening... Read More

Sesame Nut Brittle

Photo: Natalie Levin If there's a candy bar that throws me back into childhood it's definitely sesame brittle. As a young girl, I loved these dense treats wit... Read More

Star-Shaped Gingerbread Cookies

Gingerbread cookies are the ultimate fall cookies that you simply just can't go wrong with. It's easy to make, crispy and so fragrant – the perfect treat to dip... Read More