Parfaits and Trifles

Delicious parfaits, trifles and desserts that are built in glasses – perfect for hosting and dinner parties.


Frozen Raspberry Souffle

Raspberry ice cream is one of my top favorites, and will be probably the first flavor I'll choose in an ice cream parlor. This frozen raspberry souffle is some... Read More

Tahini Chocolate Lava Cakes

Halva is a Mediterranean treat that is rich in texture and flavor, and made of tahini. If you haven't had the chance to try Halva – you definitely should, becau... Read More

Vegan Pear and Apple Crumble

As someone who really likes apple crumble, I usually make this dessert quite a lot. Whenever I have few apples in the kitchen i get right to work and make apple... Read More

Nutella Parfait

I love Nutella, and I use it quite a lot in my recipes. This is a great Nutella parfait which combines Nutella chocolate spread, cream cheese and chocolate stre... Read More