Pies and Tarts

If you like pies and tarts you’ve come to the right place! Here’s all the most delicious pies and tart recipes in so many different flavors and variations.

Flourless Mascarpone Strawberry Cake

I love challenging myself by making flourless cakes and recipes. It's not so hard making delicious cakes using flour, but when you need to make a flourless cake... Read More

Flourless Orange Pie with Hazelnuts

There's no doubt orange cake is one of my favorites in the winter, but every dessert with oranges is absolutely fabulous to me. This is a flourless orange pie -... Read More

Raspberry Chocolate Tarts

Chocolate tart is one of the cakes I like making the most. These raspberry chocolate tarts has chocolate short crust pastry filled with chocolate cream and rasp... Read More

Alfajores Tart with Cream Cheese

If you like Alfajores cookies, you're gonna love the alfajores tart! It's made of a golden buttery short crust pastry filled with dulce de leche and whipped cre... Read More

Hazelnut Nectarine Pie

This hazelnut nectarine pie is one of the most delicious pies you can make. A buttery crust filled with hazelnut cream, caramelized nectarines and crunchy streu... Read More