ARABICA – Sesame Coffee Cake

Sesame has become one of my favorite ingredients in desserts. It has a unique taste, and combines great with many other ingredients, such as coffee. This coffe... Read More

Pecan, Coffee and Halva Brownie Cake

This brownie cake is soft, moist and super chocolatey, and is enriched with pecans, coffee and halva cream on top. It's festive and will make your dinner guests... Read More

Spelt Granola with Fruits and Nuts

I tend to eat quite healthy most of the time, and I keep a strict meal and exercise plan in order to remain strong and healthy. You may not be able to find any ... Read More

Sesame Bars with Almond Flour

One of my favorite thing to have with my cup of coffee in the morning, is definitely a crunchy, buttery bar - just like these sesame bars. These sesame bars are... Read More

One-bowl Tahini Chocolate Cake

I use tahini quite a lot in my kitchen, and add it to all kinds of dishes I make - savory and sweet. Chocolate and tahini became one of my favorite combinations... Read More

Knot Dinner Rolls

Making dinner rolls at home is so easy, so I always have a batch of these in the freezer. Whenever I don't have time and buy dinner rolls at the nearest bakery,... Read More