Almond Jam Rugelach Cookies

Rugelach cookies are one of the most nostalgic recipes I have. I remember making them with my grandmother as a little girl – cutting the dough and shaping it in... Read More

Jam Linzer Cookies

These following Linzer cookies are sandwiched with jam inside and will forever remind me of my childhood. These are definitely my top favorite jam cookies, simp... Read More

Pistachio and Strawberry Parfaits

Strawberry and pistachio is not only a great combination of flavors, but so beautiful combination of color, this is why I love these strawberry and pistachio pa... Read More

Streusel Cake with Jam

I almost always have leftover jam in the pantry. It's the end of 2-3 jars of whichever jam I just made or bought, and as soon as I found I have enough – I make ... Read More