Cinnamon and Walnut Date Cookies

If you like date cookies – you're gonna love these cookie roll! It's made of a buttery, golden short crust pastry filled with date spread, cinnamon and walnuts.... Read More

Gluten Free Hamantaschen Cookies

Purim is just around the corner, and it's just the time to start making hamantaschen cookies. These gluten free hamantaschen cookies contain no wheat flour and ... Read More

Date Cake with Salted Caramel Glaze

Dates are a little underrated, and not so common in desserts. I love dates and truly think it's a great dried fruit, it's a shame we don't use it more in desser... Read More

Dried Fruit Stollen

As a child and up until a few years ago, I didn't like dried fruit and nuts at all. It has changed greatly as dates and dried apricots have become one of my fav... Read More

Energy Bars with Dates and Nuts

I love energy bars, but as a quite heavy consumer of the store-bought bars, I know it's not always as healthy as it looks. Most popular brands are full of ingre... Read More