Whole Wheat Challah with Date Syrup

Fresh challah is undoubtedly one of the things that our holiday table is incomplete without. Every holiday I make a round, soft challah that is always the perfe... Read More

Za’atar and Olive Oil Challah

Making homemade challah is something I do almost every week. There’s nothing I like more than making yeast dough, braid it and serve it for my family. Warm, fre... Read More

Marzipan Challah

Photo: Natalie Levin I started to love marzipan only in recent years. Up until a few years ago, it was an ingredient that I really did not like (to say the le... Read More

Round Vegan Challah

I love braiding challahs and it's definitely one of the tastiest pastries. This vegan challah is braided in a round shape, which makes it a lot more festive and... Read More