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Nostalgic Chocolate Snowballs with Candy Surprise

Nostalgic Chocolate Snowballs with Candy Surprise

Photo: Natalie Levin

Summer vacation was my favorite time of the year as a little girl. I had such a great time in these two months – met with friends, went to the beach or the swimming pool and simply had fun. I kids pf wish there had been summer vacation for adults too, I have no doubt that I would have enjoyed it very much today.

In honor of these hot summer days and the sense of freedom that surrounds us all, I decided to make a recipe that immediately threw me back to my childhood – nostalgic chocolate snowballs. As a little girl these were my favorite treat to make with just about anyone!

So today I share with you this delicious and easy recipe for nostalgic chocolate snowballs that you can make with kids. They are so delicious, chocolatey, soft and easy to make, kids absolutely love them!

Nostalgic Chocolate Snowballs with Candy Surprise

Photo: Natalie Levin

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Nostalgic Chocolate Snowballs with Candy Surprise

Servings 30 chocolate snowballs
Author נטלי


For the chocolate snowballs:

  • 200 grams dark chocolate
  • 180 ml. (3/4 cup) milk
  • Pinch of salt
  • 75 grams (1/3 cup) butter
  • 1 tsp. vanilla extract
  • 300 grams coarsely crushed biscuits or graham crackers

For the candy surprise:

  • Small chocolate bars such as mini Reese’s butter cups, colored chocolate candy, Maltesers, mini marshmallows, etc.

For coating:

  • Ground coconut


  1. Chop the chocolate and put in a bowl.
  2. Add milk, salt and butter and melt together in a microwave or over a double-boiler until everything is melted and smooth.
  3. Add vanilla and stir.
  4. Add crushed biscuits and stir until combined.
  5. Cool the mixture for 1-2 hours in the refrigerator for stabilization.
  6. Take bits of the mixture and roll balls. At the center of each ball hide a small chocolate candy bar and roll the chocolate snowballs with coconut.
  7. Cool for 30 minutes in the refrigerator and serve.

Recipe Notes

  • The chocolate snowballs are kept in a closed container in the refrigerator for up to two weeks.
  • You can use milk chocolate instead of dark chocolate in the same amount.
  • Nondairy version: use soy milk instead of milk in the same amount and 60 grams of coconut oil instead of butter.
  • Gluten free version: use gluten free biscuits instead of the plain biscuits in the same amount.
  • You can fill the balls with any candy bar you love.
  • You can coat the chocolate snowballs with Funfetti or small chocolate candy instead of ground coconut.
  • You can skip the surprise and get regular chocolate snowballs.
Nostalgic Chocolate Snowballs with Candy Surprise

Photo: Natalie Levin

Nostalgic Chocolate Snowballs with Candy Surprise

Photo: Natalie Levin

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