Tu Bishvat


Orange, Almond and Ginger Cantuccini

On our last trip to Italy a few months ago we ate amazing Cantuccini cookies in Florence, and since then I couldn't wait to make my own version at home. Cantuc... Read More

Mandiant Gianduja Chocolate Tart

Gianduja is a sort of Italian chocolate with hazelnut paste. It's one of the most dangerous ingredients, because once you try a piece – you won't be able to sto... Read More

Nutty Caramel Tart

Photo: Natalie Levin Honey and nuts are one of the best combinations in desserts, and this caramel tart is a great example for how this simple combination wor... Read More

Spelt Granola with Fruits and Nuts

I tend to eat quite healthy most of the time, and I keep a strict meal and exercise plan in order to remain strong and healthy. You may not be able to find any ... Read More