Tu Bishvat

Coconut Almond Pie with Honey

If you like almonds and coconut – this almond pie will definitely steal your heart! It's a golden, buttery and super crunchy pie filled with almond, coconut and... Read More

Crescent Turkish Delight Cookies

Only in the past year I started liking Turkish delight. Up until a few months ago, I couldn't stand this treat, but after tasting a proper version – I simply fe... Read More

Dried Fruit Stollen

As a child and up until a few years ago, I didn't like dried fruit and nuts at all. It has changed greatly as dates and dried apricots have become one of my fav... Read More

Energy Bars with Dates and Nuts

I love energy bars, but as a quite heavy consumer of the store-bought bars, I know it's not always as healthy as it looks. Most popular brands are full of ingre... Read More

Vegan Maple Nut Bars

Vegan desserts and cookies are one of the things I like to challenge myself with in the kitchen. These nut bars contain no eggs and no dairy and are super easy ... Read More

Surprising Granola Cookies

Granola cookies have a reputation of something sweet-yet-healthy. I'm not sure about how healthy it is, but these particular cookies are simply one of the best.... Read More