Various delicious macarons of all kinds and flavors – starting classics such as coffee macarons to giant macaron cakes.

Sesame Macarons

If you like sesame, you'll love these sesame macarons that are sort of east meets west. Between two sweet macaron shells topped with sesame seeds lays a halva s... Read More

Raspberry and Vanilla Miss Gla Gla

One of the best frozen desserts I tasted in Paris was Miss Gla Gla – an ice cream sandwich made by Pierre Herme. It is made of 2 large macaron cookies with ice ... Read More

Speculoos Macarons

After visiting Holland about a year and a half ago, I fell in love with Speculoos. These are traditional Dutch cookies with a lot of spices inside: ginger, cinn... Read More

Lemon and Ginger Macarons

If you like lemony desserts and cookies – you should try these lemon and ginger macarons. It's crunchy on the outside, yet soft and gooey on the inside, and the... Read More

Earl Grey Chocolate Macarons

Chocolate and Earl Grey tea is such a unique combination, and these chocolate macarons are the perfect example – 2 crunchy macaron shells filled with chocolate ... Read More