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Eclairs and Profiteroles

Delicious eclairs, all kinds of cream puffs and yummy profiteroles in different flavors.

Vanilla Eclairs with Pecans

One of my favorite French desserts in the whole world is eclairs. I love the versatility of the flavors and the fact you can use just about any ingredient you w... Read More...
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Classic Vanilla Eclair

I love classical recipes, and this following one is one of my top favorites. This vanilla eclair recipe makes golden and crispy eclairs on the outside filled wi... Read More...

Chocolate Almond Paris Brest

If I had to choose only one dessert that I would make over and over for the rest of my life - it would probably be Paris Brest, and generally desserts with chou... Read More...

Peanut Butter Chocolate Eclairs

I'm in love with chocolate and peanut butter combination. I love how the sweetness of the chocolate goes just perfectly with the creaminess of the peanut butter... Read More...
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