Pound Cakes

If you like pound cakes – here you can find so many delicious cakes in various different flavors, such as peanut butter, chocolate, coffee, cinnamon and more.


Streusel Cake with Jam

I almost always have leftover jam in the pantry. It's the end of 2-3 jars of whichever jam I just made or bought, and as soon as I found I have enough – I make ... Read More

Almond Tahini Cake

This tahini cake looks simple and plain, but if you like tahini you are going to love it. It's soft, rich, fragrant and just the right cake to eat next to your ... Read More

Berries and Streusel Cake

Streusel cakes are one of the favorite cakes in our family. My spouse likes to eat it in the morning next to his coffee cup, and I like serving it warm with som... Read More

Pear Oatmeal Cake

One of my favorite fruits, which I don't use in desserts as much I would like, is pear. It's delicious, healthy and so refreshing, and combining it with other i... Read More

Grandma’s Chocolate Cake

When I was a little girl I used to bake quite a lot with my grandmother. She's the one who inspired me most into baking, and I thank her each and every day when... Read More

Chocolate Chip Poppy Seeds Cake

Photo: Natalie Levin There's something about poppy seeds that divides the world to two - either you like it so much or you just can't stand it. This poppy se... Read More