All the best cakes recipes, starting delicious everyday pound cakes and amazing layered mousse cakes for special occasions.

Vegan Cinnamon Babka with Pecans

There are only few desserts I simply cannot resist - cinnamon babka is one of them. When I make cinnamon babka at home I just know I have to "get rid" of it and... Read More

Maple and Almond Cherry Rolls

These maple and almond cherry rolls are one of the most surprising rolls you can bake. They are super soft, fragrant and delicious - with rich almond cream and ... Read More

Pistachio Tartelettes

If you like pistachios, you should really try this following pistachio tartelettes, which is pistachio heaven! Pistachio short crust pastry, filled with pistach... Read More

Mango Tart

Even though I didn't like mango up until a few years ago, I became a huge fan of this sweet, luscious and ho-so yellow fruit in the past year. This mango tart ... Read More

Chocolate and Vanilla Marble Cake

Even though I like making french patisserie cakes, there nothing like a good pound cake next to my coffee cup. This marble cake is one of my personal favorites... Read More