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Babka Cakes

If you like a fresh Babka with you cup of coffee in the morning – you’re going to love all these Danish cakes: Starting traditional cinnamon babka, amazing chocoalte rugelach and even modern style chocolate babka.

Vegan Chocolate Babka

In the past 2 years I started baking a lot of vegan desserts, cakes and cookies. I try to reduce the amount of dairy and eggs we consume daily, and baking began... Read More...

Super Soft Cinnamon Babka

There are not many things I really can't resist as fresh Danish yeast cakes straight from the oven. Although I keep a strict nutrition diet daily, it's almost i... Read More...

Almond Chocolate Chip Rolls

There's nothing like the smell of fresh pastry baking in the oven when it's cold outside. These chocolate chip rolls have the most addictive smell once baking -... Read More...
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