Babka Cakes

If you like a fresh Babka with you cup of coffee in the morning – you’re going to love all these Danish cakes: Starting traditional cinnamon babka, amazing chocoalte rugelach and even modern style chocolate babka.

Modern Chocolate Babka

Photo: Natalie Levin One of the things I really can't resist (and therefore rarely make) is a fresh chocolate babka. The smell of chocolate babka in the oven ... Read More

Nutella Challah Braid

Photo: Natalie Levin It's not that common that I have Nutella at home. The main reason for it is that I simply can't resist it, and seriously can eat up a who... Read More

White Chocolate Nutella Babka

Chocolate spread, and Nutella in particular, is something I always have in the pantry. Whenever I want to make Babka for the weekend – it makes it a lot easier,... Read More